Details and pricing


Many years ago I wrote my first book. When I sent it to ten Christian book publishers, the five who responded wrote the same thing; "We do not publish non-published authors!" So, after waiting a few years, I decided to start my own publishing company to publish my books. A few more years later, I decided to publish friend's books; some have sold quite well. I now am expanding again.


Step one

The following summarizes what I will and will not publish: I will only publish positive, inspirational Christian books. 

step two

If your manuscript meets my criteria, you can fill out the APPLICATION (ON THE PREVIOUS PAGE OR CLICK HERE) and make sure you answer every question. To find the word count, use Microsoft Word. Go to FILE > PROPERTIES > STATISTICS > WORDS.



The next step, STEP THREE, is mine. I will look over your application, and if I feel it is worth your time and my time to proceed, then I will ask you to send me your manuscript and I will give you an honest and free evaluation of your work.

Step Four

Email your manuscript to

Here is what my professional evaluation will say:

Yes, I will publish this manuscript.

No,  I will not.

Yes, I will if you make some needed changes.

STEP FIVE - $450.00

If it is a yes, and it needs no changes, I will email you a note that I have accepted your work for publication along with a written agreement with the details of our agreement clearly defined. You send the signed agreement back and I will sign it and give you a copy. You then send the initial fee and I will edit, format, design the book cover and publish it on Amazon and Amazon Kindle for you for the price of $450. Half the cost is to be paid up front, and the rest when it is ready to be published and printed. I guarantee your manuscript will be done within 4 months, probably half that time, however.

More details: no extra or hidden fees

* You will keep full ownership of the manuscript.
* We will open an account in your name with Amazon and print the books on demand through CreateSpace. (You will not have to buy thousands of copies from me.)
* I will design 3 covers for you to choose from. (You can see from FIRST STEP, CHRISTIAN ISLAND and other cover how professional the covers are. If you have ideas, I will go with your idea for a cover.)
* Once the book is done, whatever profits you make, you do not share them with me.  I require and take NO royalties!

* Look around, and you will see this is a great deal!

* As a pastor, for 17 years Ascribe Publishing has been a ministry to me, and more than just a business venture.